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벗어나고 싶지 않은 천국 같은 너
You're like heaven that I don't want to leave.




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Artist: Kim Jongin
Track: Jongin makes your day.
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Do you ever have that one band/artist who is just so important to you and with them it’s always more than just the music? And it’s because they get you through the day and they have the ability to make you happy when no one else can and you would do anything to support them because they have such a profound effect on your life and without them you just wouldn’t be the same person.

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Xiumin IG update make me do this edit. Miss the maknae of 90line. Hope you doing fine. (Cr.@exoxm90)
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omfg look at kyungsoo look at yixing look at them


sometimes it hurts

it hurts so much that you feel

like your chest will cave in

and the only thing stopping it

are the gasps of air you take

in between the tears