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阿肆肆肆_ (1/2/3)

You’re telling me I’m being stupid and that I should accept that Kris left… Well then you have to accept the fact that he is still OFFICIALLY a member of EXO, and that some fans (like myself) still wish for EXO to stay as OT12.  


respect my opinion, I respect yours.



Some people are calling me names, and saying I don’t deserve to be Kris’ fan because I still believe in OT12 and I still want Kris to stay in EXO.
They say I’m selfish and I don’t care about his luck.

Well…Maybe I’m a little bit selfish, I admit that, but I do care, a lot.
I only want what’s…

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oohsehun: 됴~~ 괜찮아사랑이야 수.목 밤10시 기대중!!🙌🙌

oohsehun: 됴~~ 괜찮아사랑이야 수.목 밤10시 기대중!!🙌🙌

(Always) Like the First Time, for Everyone 


Pairing: Kray/FanXing

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Mild!Angst

Rating: R

Word Count: 17K

Summary: Kris is sent on business to a remote town in Hunan. He meets Yixing, and maybe even likes Yixing. Yixing, though, doesn’t quite reciprocate Kris’s feelings that easily. Based loosely on 50 First Dates.

Admin Kat:

EVEN THOUGH I’m really kray biased and I pretty much like any fic that makes me fangirl like crazy, this fic is the frikkin epitome of all my kray feels. I mean I seriously can’t with how much I love this fic. Absolutely have to check this out.

Do your kray feels a favour and click on the link rn. 


do you even know how freaking hot you actually are?

maknae line a little too excited ㅋㅋ


kris in EXO showtime <3 :’(